Safety in Nursing Homes

Nursing home facilities are expected to provide quality care and resources for their residents and in the process, create an environment that emphasizes safety and security. Nursing home safety involves taking adequate measures to provide a hazard free and protected environment by preventing sources, events or products that could lead to the physical, mental, and psychological injury of the facility's residents.

Both federal and state governments have enacted laws that set minimum standards regarding resident care and nursing home safety. Nursing home safety pertains to resident's personal safety and well being, their physical environment, and the other residents and staff they interact with.

Standards and Stipulations for Safe Practices:

The standards and stipulations of effective nursing home safety practices emphasize the following:

  • Resident safety involves the care facility providing adequate nutrition and hydration for each resident.
  • Nursing home safety also involves preventing a patient from deteriorating however and whenever possible.
  • Nursing home professionals have a duty to help residents sustain their ability to complete daily living activities such as eating, general recreation, bathing etc.
  • Nursing home safety must also ensure that residents receive proper medical care that is free of negligent or intentional error.
  • Nursing home safety standards must be met in order to prevent any type of injury to a patient's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Nursing homes are responsible for the general well-being of their residents, and a main component of that responsibility lies in the promotion of a safe and secure living environment. Failure to comply with federal and state regulations regarding nursing home safety can often have tragic ramifications, and it is imperative to seek the aid of an experienced and understanding nursing home abuse lawyer should you or a loved one be exposed to such an unjust situation.

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Safety in nursing homes should always be a concern.
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