Nursing Home Reform

Nursing home residents maintain the same unalienable rights that all American citizens are entitled to, yet, sometimes those rights are violated for little or no reason. In response to these transgressions, Congress passed the Nursing Home Reform Act to ensure that the rights of individuals living in care facilities were maintained.


Nursing Home Reform Act:

The Nursing Home Reform Act entitles all nursing home residents to receive quality care and live in an environment that improves or maintains the quality of their physical and mental health. This entitlement includes freedom from neglect, abuse, and misappropriation of property or funds. Neglect and abuse are criminal acts whether they occur inside or outside a nursing home. Residents do not surrender their rights to protection from criminal acts when they enter a facility.

Nursing Home Resident's Bill of Rights:

In addition, a "Resident's Bill of Rights" was formulated in order to clarify exactly what kind of care and personal liberty were to be attributed to nursing home residents. Care facilities receiving money from the federal government are also entitled to offer specific services to their patients, and are subject to random surveys by state officials regarding the overall care and upkeep offered on-site.

Failure to maintain the strict codes of conduct and service established by the Nursing Home Reform Act can lead to serious consequences for the accused nursing home agency. Do not hesitate to contact qualified and compassionate nursing home abuse attorney should you or a loved one be subject to the effects of a nursing home that flagrantly disregards their professional and personal responsibilities.

Nursing Home Reform Act

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