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The tragic events that often surround instances of nursing home abuse have recently gained national media attention. From the horrifying stories of Hurricane Katrina and its effect on ill-fated nursing home facilities, to policy and legislative reforms that are aimed at protecting nursing home residents from convicted sex offenders, nursing home news is no longer back-page fodder.

Some publications (both online and hard-copy) have devoted themselves to the stories and events that take place within the elder care infrastructure.

National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA):

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) has created a newsletter which updates and educates interested parties on the current events, stories and prospective policy changes and amendments that involve nursing homes, their residents and employees. A host of agencies have followed suit; either providing information or linking individuals to on-line resources that can help answer their queries in regards to specific instances or examples of nursing home abuse.

Nursing Home Abuse News Stories

June 18, 2005

According to complaints lodged by a number of respectable sources, United States federal website that provides information about nursing homes is widely misleading.  The information has been categorized as too vague, outdated, and incomplete, and although it is advised that readers use the site only as a set of guidelines, many people take the words on the site as absolutely true, often with disastrous results.

Perhaps the most allegedly misleading of all the information on the website are the citations used to rate and rank different nursing homes.  A large number of citations can lead people to believe that one nursing home is better and safer than another, but the website fails to explain the nature of the citations, and it does not indicate why some homes and facilities have so many demerits.

Families cannot make informed choices about what place should care for their aged family members without understanding the nature of the grading system.  Deficient marks could stem from something as (relatively) minor infractions as fire hazards due to too many decorations displayed throughout the home during the holidays, but fails to take into account the quality of the staff or the medical care available.

The findings about the Medicare website should not deter people from seeking help for their aged loved ones.  There are hundreds of good elder care homes, but if you have found one that fails to deliver on the promise of proper services and oversight or blantantly abuses the innocent people that are their charges, you need to take action.  Let our compassionate and dedicated nursing home lawyers help you get the justice you deserve.  Contact us today.


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